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Mary Kay Conference – July 2019

Every July Dallas rolls out the pink carpet for Mary Kay Consultants and Directors from all over the U.S.  In our brief 4 days we will receive education, inspiration, motivation and recognition.  Queen’s will be crowned, and Princesses will be admired. It is always the highlight of my Mary Kay year!

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New Liquid Matte Foundations!

Mary Kay has launched new liquid matte foundations.  These foundations are amazing.  They come in 28 shades that mimic your skin tone enabling you to find your perfect match. 

These foundations last 12 hours and are humidity and sweat-resistant.  To test this claim I placed foundation on my hand, placed it under running water.  Look how the water runs off the foundation!  All this is done without clogging your pores.

One customer said that after sweating she pressed a paper towel to her face and was amazed that only moisture was on the paper towel.  

Curious or want to find your perfect match?  Call me!

Satin Hands isn’t just for women!

A contractor was complaining about the caulk that was on his hands.  He said it stays on for days.  I recommended Mary Kay Satin Hands; he decided to give it a try.

This is the email I received:  “Hi, Barbara, you were right.  This Satin Hands stuff is awesome.  The before pictures are after soap and water.  Normally I would be picking this stuff off my fingers for a couple of days.  Thank you!  Bill”