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Regaina Thompson with Jordan Sawyer Real Estate has a passion for helping and connecting others.  She is a firm believer that if she helps other businesses grow her business will grow too.  In that spirit she invited me to share a little bit about myself, my business and our networking connections in BNI.  If you need a real estate professional, contact Regaina Thompson at 757-343-2641 or visit her website at regaina.jordansawyerrealestate.com.


Mary Kay Conference – July 2019

Every July Dallas rolls out the pink carpet for Mary Kay Consultants and Directors from all over the U.S.  In our brief 4 days we will receive education, inspiration, motivation and recognition.  Queen’s will be crowned, and Princesses will be admired. It is always the highlight of my Mary Kay year!

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Something New and Exciting is Coming!

Are you interested in looking your best?  Do you like to be in on the newest and greatest?  Do you have a regular skin care routine?  Do you do the “and then some” when taking care of your skin?

If you said to any of those questions, then you need to be ready.  In February a new product is coming that is on the cutting edge of dermo-cosmetics.  Those that were in the clinical study saw over 100% improvement in skin smoothness and over 400% improvement in skin radiance.

Those are some amazing results!  Who wouldn’t want to be part of a new generation of skin care!

Contact me for more information and to be one of the first to try this new product.

Satin Hands isn’t just for women!

A contractor was complaining about the caulk that was on his hands.  He said it stays on for days.  I recommended Mary Kay Satin Hands; he decided to give it a try.

This is the email I received:  “Hi, Barbara, you were right.  This Satin Hands stuff is awesome.  The before pictures are after soap and water.  Normally I would be picking this stuff off my fingers for a couple of days.  Thank you!  Bill”