Dreams Come True!

Vision boards work!  Dreams do come true! 

In my Mary Kay career, I have made many vision boards.  They have been created on poster board, in a book form, and I created one on my iPad.  I created them because people I admired said to do it.  I doubted that vision boards worked, but I did it any way.  Now, I know vision boards work!

The Vision Book

In the spring of 2010, while living in northern Virginia, I created a vision book.  I had a page of places I wanted to visit, things I wanted, one for each of my children, a finance page, etc.  I looked at it occasionally, but it eventually ended up on a bookshelf, long forgotten.  A few years ago, after moving to Norfolk, VA, I found it as I was cleaning a bookcase.  The first thing that caught me eye was the picture on the front.  As I flipped through, I was amazed at the number of dreams fulfilled. 

On the cover is a picture of sand dunes.  The tall dunes with grass wisping out of it, the typical dune picture.  Today, I live near and visit beaches that look just like the picture on the cover.  Inside is a picture of a housekeeper, I have one.  On Jonathan’s page there is a picture of a sailboat.  We went on a cruise and took a catamaran trip.  Thomas’ page includes a picture of the Eiffel Tower.  In 2011, I took my sons to Paris.  And so many other visions and dreams have been fulfilled.

The Vision Board

Last year I made a vision board that included picture of the Northern Lights.  For at least three years, Thomas and I have talked about going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.  This December I sat down to complete my annual goal setting.  I decided the trip to Iceland was going to happen.  I broke the goal down into steps to be completed by the end of March.  I told no one about this quarter’s goal.  I didn’t know how, but I knew it was going to happen.

Going to Iceland

On January 2, as I sat in the chair at the hair salon, Thomas sent me a text.  “What are you doing around Presidents’ Day weekend?”  I replied, “Nothing.  What’s up?”  The next text sent a chill through my body.  He said, “Want to go to Iceland?”  OMG!  The goal I was working towards was being fulfilled within the first days of the quarter.  As an added bonus, Thomas is gifting me my airfare.  Dreams and visions do come true!  And they come true in various ways.

Visions and Dreams

Has every dream manifested the way I thought it would?  No.  Have all of the been fulfilled?  No.  But the visions and dreams are happening.  When I made the vision boards did I believe or know how it would happen?  No.  Honestly, I didn’t imagine many would be fulfilled.  Because often as adults, we quit dreaming.  Sometimes it’s hard to dream, especially to dream big.  We find reasons it won’t or can’t happen.  So we quit dreaming.  Often we are afraid to dream, afraid it won’t happen and we will be disappointed.  Don’t try to figure out the how, when, where, or why.  Just dream!  Then dream bigger!  Dream like a child.

Plant those dreams and visions.  Make those vision boards and write your dreams down.  Post them every where.  I have two in my bathroom and multiple messages on my mirror.  You might quit seeing the boards on the conscious level, but your subconscious will still see it and find ways to fulfill it.  Scripture says “…Write down the vision; make it plain upon tablets, so that the one who reads it may run.” Habakkuk 2:2 

Those dreams put on your heart aren’t just for you.  They are for all those around you.  People may see you vision boards and ask about your dream.  Some may not understand.  But put them up anyway.  Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of dreaming big.  Your dreams are impacting others.  Fulfilled dreams are impacting others.  Because of you others may start dream or begin dreaming bigger.  Your dreams have a ripple effect in those around you.

Just Do It…

Please take some time, create a vision board, book or write down a list of crazy wild things you would like to accomplish or see.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.  Paste pictures on a piece of poster board.  The point is to take some time to dream.  Then dream bigger! 

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