Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Warm Weather!!! Happy Whatever You Celebrate!

Let’s have a little fun and discuss what’s in your Easter basket. My sons expected certain things in their baskets. They expected Cadbury Eggs. One likes the original and the other the caramel eggs. I still can’t remember who likes which; I just know to buy one of each.

The center of the basket had to have a chocolate Easter bunny. It had to be a solid chocolate bunny! Those hollow ones are a tease and unacceptable. One year I while attending a Weight Watcher’s meeting I mentioned that I put the rabbit in the freezer. Then would break it up with a hammer. I assumed that everyone knew that I was talking about a chocolate rabbit. Well, a little girl, attending with her mother, thought I was talking about putting a real rabbit in the freezer! Oops! I think I scared a small little girl.

Plastic fillable eggs were a necessity. I reused those eggs every year. They were packed up and moved a multiple of times. The eggs would be filled with M&Ms, SweetTarts, Starburst jelly beans, and of course some cash. It was always fun to watch the boys just open and dump the contents into the basket looking for the cash. They would mix all the candy! Who does that?!

The plastic eggs are kind of a metaphor for my Mary Kay business. When I began my business, I received at Starter Kit full of business supplies and products for demonstration. What I didn’t see were the hidden eggs in the box. As my business has progressed I have cracked open eggs that have changed my life.

A blue egg gave me freedom and flexibility. I am able to work my business from any town in the US. In 2013 I moved from Northern Virginia to Norfolk. No problem, pack up, move, ship orders and meet new customers. Additionally, I get to choose my work schedule. When I had to deal with a family emergency, I altered my schedule and dealt with it. I didn’t have to ask permission or explain myself.

A yellow egg has given me a deeper faith. A faith I did not know was possible. I have been surrounded by godly women whose walk has encouraged me to draw nearer to God. Our company is founded on: God first, family second and career third.

A bright pink egg has brought me friendships, girlfriends I never imagined. I did not have girlfriends growing up. When I started my business, I introduced my youngest son to a friend. He said to me, “Yeah, you don’t have any friends.” It’s sad then your child notices your lack of friends. Well, that isn’t true any more! My life is filled with girlfriends. It is so much fun to laugh, cry, encourage and do life with such a great group of women.

A green egg contains an income. It is an income that I control. Recently, my car needed $1400 worth of repairs.   I didn’t worry about it. I knew how to create the income, sell product! Women will always need mascara and cleanser. Since Mary Kay products are washed down the drain morning and night, it has to been replaced. Selling a consumable product is a wise decision.

A ocean blue egg contains a cruise that Mary Kay is giving away to all consultants who complete the requirements. There is no limit on how many can earn the all expenses paid trip! I see myself on that ship! Want to come with me?

A purple egg contains personal growth. I often wish I could go back and meet the person I was. During these past eleven years, I have peeled away onion-like layers. I have peeled away layers of shame, regret, and perfection. The layer of protection was more of a wall. All of these were covering up who God created me to be.

When I began my business it was for income. I had not idea that box contained so many other things. If you began a Mary Kay business, what would you like to find in your Starter Kit? I bet it is in there!

I’d love to hear from you…! Drop me a line and let’s connect!

Barbara Redner is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and loves working with women and helping them look their best. If you like this blog feel free to share it!

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