Iceland WOW!

Recently a dream came true!  I went to Iceland with my son, Thomas!  In my last blog, I wrote about how vision boards can help you fulfill your dreams.  Thanks to Thomas, the dream we have talked about for three years came true.  And it was more than I could have imagined.

Iceland is an amazing country.  Thomas said it is the first place he has been to that looked like the pictures.  I totally agree.  There were so many shades of blue.  The ponds, lakes, rivers, ocean, and sky were all different. 

Indescribable!  The weather was beautiful during our visit.  It was cold, but very bearable when dressed for it.  Getting icy water from the North Atlantic into my boots only added to the adventure.

As beautiful as the country was, what was more beautiful was time with my son.  Thomas and I hadn’t traveled together since he was 19 when we went to Paris with his brother.  This trip was so different.  I was traveling with my son, the man, instead of my son, the boy.  He has traveled solo around the world and is knowledgeable beyond his years.  Watching him in action was impressive.  But it was the ability for casual conversations that had time and space to evolve, ebb and flow that touched me the most.  One of my love languages is quality time.  So this trip was that.  I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. 

Our return trip was during the day.  As we flew over Greenland, my nose was practically pressed up against the window looking at the beauty that was 30,000 feet below.  The glaciers, frozen land, and icebergs were breathtaking.  Tears of gratitude came to my eyes.  I was grateful for Thomas setting it all up.  I was grateful for the flexibility and ability to go.

I am grateful for my decision to take a chance and begin my Mary Kay business.  Because of that decision I can design my schedule and take a trip of a lifetime.  That life changing decision was influenced by Thomas.  Twelve years ago, I asked Thomas, aged 16, if I should invest $100 and take a chance.  I will never forget his answer.  He said, “Really, how much money did you spend on shoes last week?”  As a mentioned he is wise and knowledgeable beyond his years.

His comment put it all into perspective.  How often had I gone to Target or Wal-Mart and spent $100?  I don’t even remember what I bought. 

But I remember the day that I spent $100 and changed my life, March 10, 2008.

That $100 investment bought a Starter Kit of products, but it bought so much more.  Because of that kit, I have financial choices on how to live my life.  I was able to leave an emotionally abusive marriage.  I was able to move from Northern Virginia to Norfolk to be near my sons.  Money doesn’t create happiness, but it does provide choices.  That $100 gave me the ability to start anew.

That kit brought girlfriends.  When I joined Mary Kay I only had one girlfriend.  Whether that was due to living a nomadic military life or consciously or unconsciously not making connections, I lacked girlfriends.  Thomas mentioned that once when a new friend came over.  It was very eye opening.  Well, that isn’t the case now!

My Starter Kit brought a deeper faith with God and a journey of self discovery.  Mary Kay is a faith based company.  It isn’t a requirement or forced, but when you see how God has moved in the lives of other women and their families you want it.  While building a deeper relationship with God, I had to look in at myself.  I’ve made changes in my life, removing negative people, thoughts, beliefs and misconceptions.  It is a journey that I am sure will only end when I’m called home.

If you want a chance to make some positive changes in your life.  If you want more, but are unsure how to get there, give me a call or send me a message.  I want to help you be able to take dream vacations, spend quality time with family and friends, and be able to make choices that positively impact your life.

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