Living in a Virtual World

We are a virtual world!  Put your best face forward!

In March 2020 our world changed.  I don’t have to tell you that.  Just couldn’t figure out another way to start this blog.  Part of that change has been our method of presenting ourselves, products and services.  Those once in person appointments are now virtual.  It has become one of the fastest growing methods of interacting.  So let’s put your best face forward!

Whether a business owner doing a presentation to a client or customer or a business meeting, please consider following these suggestions. Your co-workers, boss, or network members will greatly appreciate it.  Many of these are common sense, but as they say common sense isn’t always that common.

Tips for Looking Your Best

  1. Lighting – Please don’t sit with your back to a window.  When this is done all we see is a dark spot where your face should be!  Consider sitting in front of a window for natural light.  Everyone looks better with natural lighting!  Don’t have natural light available, then artificial will have to do.  I have lamps on both sides of my desk to brighten things up on cloudy days.  For evening meetings consider a ring light; they are super cheap.
  2. Placement of your camera – Please put your camera at eye-level.  I don’t want to look up your nose.  And I don’t want to just see the top of your head.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful your hair or bald head is.  Place your computer on a stand, a box, anything!  Eye level, please.
  3. Sit in one place – Please, don’t carry your device around.  If you must walk or move to another room, turn your camera off.  We’re getting motion sick.  And really do you want others to see all of your house.
  4. Mute – Please, find and use your mute setting!  Ladies, I love bangles, chandelier earrings and necklaces, but they can make a lot of noise.  Often it’s the noise that you don’t think you’re making that makes the most annoying noice.  If you must yell at your kids or the dog, hit mute first.  I really shouldn’t hear that.  Let me continue to believe that you have the best most angelic kids and animals.
  5. Check what’s in the background – Please look at what’s in the background.  Keep it professional and neat.  If you products are displayed that’s great after all you are a business owner.  Not everything as to be business related.  That framed recognition might be what starts a new conversation.  People like to do business with people they have things in common with.  The picture of you and your 4H calf might be the missing link to your business relationship
  6. Speaking of the background – Please keep any doors shut or sit with your back to a wall.  I know that goes against the suggestion to sit in front of a window.  But we can’t have it all.  If people or animals are walking behind you, it’s very distracting.  Do you want your prospect to be focused on you and your presentation or be distracted by your kid running down the hall chasing the cat?
  7. For the ladies – Please check your makeup.  Any time you are in front of a camera, and the computer counts as a camera, you have to apply more makeup to look natural.  That’s where I come in.  I’m a professional beauty consultant and recognized by Mary Kay as an Advanced Color and Skin Care Consultant.  Recently, I completed an eight hour makeup training with Robert Jones, a professional makeup artist to the stars.  Work with someone who knows what she is doing and can help you find that perfect look for online meetings.  You may have to have a darker cheek color, learn to add contour and highlighter, find the eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop.  It’s really not as complicated as you might think.  To make things easier, I hold appointments online to help you create that perfect makeup look.  Call me, I would love to help
  8. Finally, settings – Please check the video and camera settings for the service you are using.  On Zoom, click on the ^ next to the camera icon.  Choose video settings, click Enable HD and Touch up my appearance.  OMG!  Those were HUGE game changers for me.  Love, love, love those settings.

Those are the basics for achieving your best look on your next virtual meeting.  Virtual meetings are here to stay.  So let’s put your best face forward!

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