New Normal?

Our Ever-changing World

Saying the world has changed since my last blog is an understatement!  My previous blog was  about my adventures in Iceland with my son, exploring the beautiful country, making wonderful memories, and fulfilling a dream.  Now, Im sheltered-in-place with two dogs and my adventures are online and local walks.  But it isnt all bad, and it isn’t just a matter of perspective, although that does help.  The time home has allowed me to focus on reconnecting with friends, family and customers.

When I began my Mary Kay career, I had one girlfriend and didnt really like women.  While growing my business I learned it wasn’t that I didnt like women.  I didnt like the women I was around.  Now my life is full of amazing women.  Women who started out as customers and quickly became friends.  My Mary Kay girlfriends have my back and motivate me to grow personally and professionally.  Business owners, I met through networking, inspire me to step into my big girl panties and be the best version of me.  It’s hard to imagine this time without these women in my life.

In this season of a new normal, I am grateful to be associated with an incredible company, Mary Kay, Inc.  The leadership in this company has adapted quickly and positively.  In late March as all this was unfolding, government officials approached Mary Kay to manufacture hand sanitizer.  Mary Kay said yes and quickly went to work procuring the ingredients and packaging needed to meet this need in our state-of-the-art $100 million manufacturing plant.  Not only is Mary Kay producing the hand sanitizer, it is being donating it to front line workers.  The Baylor Health Care System as well as first responders are receiving this highly needed item.  Thank you, Mary Kay!

“In the old days”,  my  business was a face-to-face operation something I loved to do.  Unable to do that, I pivoted and began sending samples out to my customers and potential customers.  Thanks to our free Skin Analysis app, I am able to help women determine the right products for their skin.  A woman takes a picture of her face using the app and sends me the results.  I send her samples and we set a consultation. Because of this amazing app, I am holding appointments all across the nation, and recently had an appointment with a woman in Wyoming!  Using the app, sending samples and meeting over Zoom or Facebook is now the norm.  Pivoting is the key.

The ability for women to start a Mary Kay business has also improved.  Since holding parties and having women try the products isn’t an option, Mary Kay came out with a new virtual Starter Kit the E-Start.  For the low price of $30, a woman can begin her Mary Kay business.  She will receive a website, credit card processing and educational tools.  This is a limited time offer, so act quickly.  For many, the best deal will be to purchase the $100 Starter Kit that contains almost $400 in full-sized products, plus get the $30 E-Start.  Getting both will enable a woman to be set up for virtual and in person parties.

The first couple of weeks of this new normal, I was a bit confused, disoriented and frustrated.  Pivoting was a little difficult.  But through guidance, prayer, reflection, and being affiliated with a great company I have learned to embrace this new normal.  Going back to normal, at least the old normal isn’t an option for me.  I am embracing this normal, the new way of doing business.  Durning this time, I have learned so much about myself, learned new technologies and skills.  Old dogs can learn new tricks.  So here’s to the new normal!

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