Write a Blog! It Will Be Fun!!

“Write a blog!  It will be fun!” I heard that a lot so I jumped in, got a website and started blogging.  What I soon learned was I had committed myself to monthly writing an essay.  Who thought that would be a great idea!  I hated writing essays in college.  Then I decided since it was my website and blog, I didn’t have to do it every month.  So I skipped a month here and here.

Then I skipped three months.  Isn’t that the way with many things we commit to doing?  We start off strong then begin to fade if we can’t find a reason to continue.  Just before starting this, I took the dog for a walk,

did my exercises, moved a cabinet, checked to see if I needed to do laundry, and a multitude of little things.  I was looking for any reason to not commit to doing this today!

So I took a moment and remembered why I decided to do this.  That’s what I have to do for many things when I’m “not in the mood”.  Remembering why will often re-ignite my desire to do what needs to be done.

Here are a few of my why’s:

  • I blog because it gives me a creative outlet.
  • I blog because I think I have something to say.
  • I blog because I find myself amusing
  • I blog because maybe I will make someone laugh.
  • I blog because I hope it will make a difference.

So here’s my short and sweet April blog

It’s been a year since we began this new world journey.  I have learned a few things about myself.  It is easier to work my Mary Kay business virtually than I ever imagined.  I can learn new technology and adapt.  Old dogs can learn new tricks!  There’s a big difference between being productive and being busy.  I used to be more busy than productive.  And probably the most important, I liked the solitude and quiet.

The Pandemic Changed Things

The end of March and beginning of April 2020 was very quiet.  The fewer cars on the road in the morning reminded me of a snow day when everyone stayed home.  I found the quiet and stillness eerie but also very peaceful.

All the places and meetings I thought I needed to attend, I discovered I didn’t.  Either the meeting could be done virtually or wasn’t necessary.  The slow down actually allowed me to be more productive.  My April 2020 sales were higher than my December 2019!  When I called my customers they picked up the phone.  Their lives had slowed down and they were ready to take care of themselves.

I know that 2020 wasn’t good for everyone.  And for those, I pray and want to help as best I can.  So if you’re reading this, reach out.  I would like to see what I can do.

So that’s why I blog; to share my thoughts, my attempt at humor, and to hopefully be of value to others.

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